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Our Newest CPA, Jodi Vandergaag

EPR Trillium LLP is delighted to announce our newest Chartered Professional Accountant. Jodi Vandergaag, CPA CGA was accepted into membership in The Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario on August 24, 2018. The partners and staff of EPR Trillium congratulate Jodi on this tremendous achievement which is a testament to her intelligence, hard work, and dedication to her career and the profession of accounting in Canada.

Jodi started her journey to CPA when she completed her Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies degree from Western University in 2013. Jodi joined the firm (then known as Sleegers Kirkwood-Pearce, Professional Corporation) that same year and has served in many capacities during the ensuing five years. She continued her studies through the CPA educational program over the years, completing all of the necessary examinations successfully. This past year, Jodi completed the final step by obtaining all of the necessary experience required to be accepted as a member in CPA Ontario.

This is a major milestone in Jodi’s career but it is only the start of what we are all certain will be a long and brilliant career in the accounting profession. All of the partners and staff at EPR Trillium are delighted to have Jodi join the ranks of our dedicated professionals as we serve the needs of individuals, small to medium sized business and not for profit organizations throughout London and surrounding areas.

Well done Jodi!

Over $7,000 raised for the MS Bike Tour 2018

EPR Trillium Pacers hit the country roads of Southwestern Ontario for the seventh consecutive year and the weather for this year’s ride was perfect both Saturday and Sunday.

Team EPR Trillium consisted of 17 members with many returning riders. This year we welcomed seven new riders who were participating in their first MS Bike Tour. As in the past, our team met at the Sobey’s store parking lot in Grand Bend Saturday morning for pictures by Bill Sleegers, our official team photographer.
This year the team raised $7,086.00. This brings the total amount raised in support of MS research since we have been participating in the ride to $48,383.00.

The team after party provided the opportunity to enjoy some food and refreshment as well as time to share the experiences of the previous two days of riding. A big thank you to Sandy and Keith for hosting again. The MS Bike Tour is an event that we all look forward to each year and we fully expect to have an even bigger team next year.

Thanks to all the riders and their sponsors for making this year’s event a great success!

Dancing in the Rayne

Recently EPR Trillium was given the opportunity to support an event that was very close to home. Needham School of Dance in Strathroy, Ontario put on a fundraising show in support of Childcan. The event was titled “Dancing in the Rayne” in honour of one of their young students who is battling a rare form of brain tumour that while noncancerous, requires 70 weeks of chemotherapy treatment. Rayne is niece to EPR Trillium staff member and “dance mom” Valerie Wilson who’s daughter has been dancing with Needham School of Dance for 16 years and plans to attend college for dance in the fall.

It was a great opportunity to enjoy dozens of talented dancers across a variety of styles while also giving back to the community and supporting a great organization. Staff and family members were in attendance both in the audience and backstage helping with the event. The event was extremely successful and raised over $13,000 for Childcan! Thank you to everyone who came out to support Rayne’s family while making an impact in your community.

Event Photos:

Jeff Showler Racing

We were given another opportunity to sponsor Jeff Showler in the 2018 Oscaar Modified Tour by having the EPR Trillium brand on Jeff’s car and racing suit.  Prior to joining up with EPR Trillium LLP the firm of SKP (Sleegers Kirkwood Pearce) sponsored Jeff and his team a few years back during a successful season in which he won 2 championships.

This year’s tour goes north of Toronto and so do the fans from our area.  Sunset speedway, Kawartha Speedway the brand new Jukasa Motor Speedway in Cayuga and many others will attract thousands of fans from all over Southwestern Ontario because of the cars, the horsepower and the facilities. The fact is, if you want to watch the best run, you have to travel or wait until they are at your local track to watch them.

We’re excited to have the opportunity to support the local racing community and wish Jeff all the best in his 2018 racing season!

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Our team is growing!

Over the past few months EPR Trillium has welcomed many new faces to the team. Here we’ve gathered everyone together at the London office for a team photo. You can learn more about some of our newest team members at each office here: London, Dorchester and Aylmer.

EPR Trillium LLP Chartered Professional Accountants formally began operations in January 2016, after four independent partners merged to become the largest EPR accounting firm in Ontario. Sandy Kirkwood-Pearce CPA CGA, Chris Button CPA CGA, Joanne Haagsma CPA CMA and Don Di Carlo CPA CGA are the four partners who created EPR Trillium LLP, on November 26, 2015. Four separate practices joined forces to created one large practice unit with 25 employees and an extensive list of clients, both personal and corporate.


EPR Trillium Team Sponsors the BPW London Dinner

EPR Trillium LLP staff in attendance – left to right: Joanne Haagsma (Partner, Dorchester), Dilpreet Singh (London), Tracey Neves (London), Valarie Wilson (Dorchester), Sandy Kirkwood-Pearce (Partner, London), Justine Wright (London), Ingrid McDonald (London), Lisa Mervis (Aylmer) and Kaitlin Lem (London)

EPR Trillium LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants sponsored the BPW London dinner meeting held on Tuesday, March 20th at Windermere Manor.

This evening was part of BPW’s current Speaker Series Dinners that address the overall theme of “Mental Health: Stigma or Real Life?”. The topic for the evening was – “Are You Exercising Both Mentally & Physically as You Age? “. The event was sponsored by EPR Trillium LLP and Sandy Kirkwood-Pearce, Partner out of our London office was given the exciting opportunity to speak at the event, and gave a brief overview of EPR Trillium LLP ahead of the main speaker.

Business and Professional Women London (BPWL) have been making a difference in London’s business community and overall work-life experience since 1945. Women from all walks of life and all ages come together through BPW London for Professional Development, Supportive Networking, Leadership Opportunities and to address Working Women’s Issues.

EPR Trillium LLP and Sandy Kirkwood-Pearce

BPW also stands for Building & Supporting, Promoting & Influencing, Worldwide Networking. BPW International is a global organization founded in 1930 and it serves to advance professional woman in all the areas highlighted above. BPW London is a member of the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women as well as The Business and Professional Women’s Clubs of Ontario.

Sandy Kirkwood-Pearce, Partner with EPR Trillium LLP has been a member since 1995 and fully supports the goals and objectives of BPW London. All three offices of EPR Trillium LLP were represented at the event.

Shown right: Sandy Kirkwood-Pearce, BPW member addressing the audience.

Learn more about BPW Canada’s Coalition to Empower Women at

The EPR Trillium Pacers Raise $6,555 for MS

EPR Trillium LLP is proud to report that the Pacers rode again in the MS Bike Ride from Grand Bend to London and back to Grand Bend for the SIXTH consecutive year on July 29nd and 30th, 2017. Maintaining a strong connection to the communities we serve and giving back in ways that promote healthy, active choices for our team remains a core corporate principle and participation in the MS Bike ride is one such activity.

You will recall this is an event to raise funds to help both support MS patients and with research to end the disease once and for all. There are various events around the country but the Grand Bend to London to Grand Bend event is one of the very biggest with some 1,600 riders meandering along the quite back roads of Southwestern Ontario. Over the two days, riders cover a total of more than 150 kilometers and there are many prominent teams represented, including EPR Trillium’s Pacers.

This year, we had a total of 11 riders. Leading the way were Liz Neal, Keith Pearce, and Al Neal all returning for a sixth straight event. Other EPR Trillium team members riding were rookies Ash El Khodier (EPR Trillium London) and Collin Pearce (EPR Trillium London). Riders who have been with us for many trips along Southwest Ontario’s rural roads include Rick Malton, Luke Edwards (who rides for his sister who has MS and can’t ride for herself), David Rush, and Randy Green. Other rookies this year included, Maralyn Young and Mohammed Abou Ghalwa.

The weather both days for the ride was quite good, no rain and not too hot but every rider swore that they faced a strong head wind both days no matter what direction they turned. There are of course many MS sufferers who ride the route as well so we, who are healthy, admired their drive, stamina, and determination not just for this ride but for coping on a day to day basis with MS.

The team recognizes the achievement of Ash who has only recently taken to bicycling and never ridden very far previously and Mohammed who rode the route on a bike that was less than ideal for such a long trip. The team also is more than thankful that David as the older rider in the group, who continues to ride as well as anyone on the team. Accolades also go to Maralyn and Collin for taking on the challenge and embracing it enthusiastically. Neither one of them complained at all about their aches and pains maintaining great spirits all along the way.

The real action hero of the weekend was Randy who only recently had been in hospital with a major surgery and managed to come back and ride so well in such as short recovery time. Randy is an inspiration to everyone who suffers a huge set back but picks themselves up and gets back to living life to the fullest.

Of course, the real purpose of the effort was to raise funds for MS and we did that to the tune of almost $7,000, bringing our six year total to over $42,000. We are all most proud of this and congratulate David who once again raised the most funds!

After the long ride, the team retired to Sandy and Keith’s condo to enjoy some well-earned beverage refreshments and food.

Special thanks go; to Sandy who sacrificed her saddle time to take pictures as our official photographer as well cook a great meal; to Chris and Nancy Button (EPR Trillium – Aylmer) for being such a huge help at the after party; and to Joanne and Ken Haagsma (EPR Trillium – Dorchester) for bringing a special desert. We say this every year but it is true every year, Liz Neal is the best Team Leader ever, but most of all, thanks to everyone who sponsored our team – it was an amazing team effort!

Click to learn more about the MS Bike Ride and the MS Society of Canada.

Summer 2016 – Giving back to our community

Whether it is hiking, golfing or biking, it has been a busy summer for EPR Trillium and its people.  A cornerstone of our firm’s core beliefs is maintaining a strong connection to the communities we serve and one of the ways we do this is through participation in charitable activities that also promote healthy choices for our staff.

The “EPR K-Counters” Take Their First Step as a Team

 Teams walked with the Kinsmen on the track at East Elgin Secondary School

The first activity of the summer was participation in the Aylmer Kinsman “Thousand Kilometer Journey” on June 18th, 2016. The event was sponsored by and with the participation of the Aylmer office team, aka the “EPR K-Counters”, who helped the event to raise over $24,000 for the St. Thomas Elgin Hospital and its work with Cancer patients. The event ended after participants walked a combined one thousand kilometres.

Pictured below are the “EPR K-Counters”.  From left to right standing are Chris Button, Lisa Mervis, Anne Reimer, Rachel Reimer, Julie Bossuyt, and Nancy Button. Kneeling is Craig Bossuyt, with his three children Adam Bossuyt, Nathan Bossuyt, Kaitlyn Bossuyt.

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A Very Special Day for Jen

Next up, was the “Day for Jen” golf tournament.  The prior Sleegers Kirkwood-Pearce firm has sponsored and participated in this event since its inception in 2013. The event is in remembrance of Jennifer (Sleegers) Hodgins who lost her battle with Cancer at a much too early age. EPR Trillium sponsored a hole at this event and also entered two teams with participation from both the London office and the Aylmer office.

The event is a huge success with over $35,000 raised thus far to help the cause. Many, many of our clients knew Jen as well as the entire Sleegers family, so it is also a great event to catch up with them during the busy summer period.

A group “selfie” picture of our two EPR Trillium teams that participated in this event.

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The EPR Trillium Pacers (formerly the SKP Pacers) Ride Again!

The 2016 EPR Trillium Pacers, before hitting the country roads of Southwestern Ontario.

EPR Trillium LLP is proud to report that the Pacers rode again in the MS Bike Ride from Grand Bend to London and back to Grand Bend (GB) for the FIFTH consecutive year on July 23rd and 24th, 2016.

You will recall this is an event to raise funds to help both support MS patients and with research to end the disease once and for all. There are various events around the country but the GB to London to GB event is one of the largest with often as many as 2,000 riders participating. Over the two days, riders cover a total of over 150 kilometres and there are many prominent teams represented including EPR Trillium’s Pacers.

This year, we had a total of 17 riders with participants from four of the legacy firms. Returning riders were Liz Neal, Sandy Pearce, and Keith Pearce (all from EPR Trillium-London) as well as Al Neal.  All of these have ridden each of the five years of the Pacers history.  Other EPR Trillium team members riding were Joanne Haagsma (EPR Trillium-Dorchester), Scott Snelgrove and Kim Cadman (each rookies this year and from EPR Trillium–London).  Other riders who have been with us for many trips along Southwest Ontario’s rural roads are Rick Malton, Erin Neal, Luke Edwards, Amanda Beardshaw, David Rush, and Ken Haagsma. Other rookies this year included Randy Green and Jim Bergeron, as well as our first MS riders, Karen Lowe and Luke’s sister, Lisa Wolfs.

Pictured here is Karen and Amanda after Karen so proudly finished the 2-day event.  We are all so proud of her accomplishment.

The weather both days for the ride was ideal…a tailwind both ways, first South East and then back North West the next day. Also unusual was the temperature with the thermometer well above 32 degrees Celsius and a humidex far, far in excess of that. Apparently these are the worst conditions for MS suffers to endure, so we were all humbled by the efforts to finish by Karen and Lisa under such circumstances.  We, who are more or completely healthy, admired their drive, stamina, and determination.  No one complained about tired legs or sore butts this year not even David who recently celebrated a milestone birthday, with a cake only partially eaten by Liz and Al’s dog, Hollie!  The picture of Karen with her victory sign at the finish line was an inspiration to all of us and you can see that she is proud of her own accomplishment.

But the real purpose of the effort was to raise funds for MS and we did that with our largest contribution ever, almost $12,000 which brings our five year total to over $35,000. We are all most proud of this and congratulate David who raised the most funds.

After the long ride, we retired to Sandy and Keith’s condo to enjoy some well-earned beverage refreshments and food. It’s interesting that during the ride everyone says “never again” but at the after party everyone looks forward to next year.

Special thanks to Bill Sleegers, our official photographer; to Irma Sleegers for being such a huge help at the after party; to Liz Neal the best Team Leader ever; but most of all, thank you to everyone who sponsored the participants in our great team!

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Sleegers Kirkwood-Pearce Rides Again For MS – Raising Over $10,000.


What a great weekend for the SKP Pacers!

Yes, the 25th anniversary of the MS Bike Ride from Grand Bend to London and back to Grand Bend the next day occurred this past weekend on the 25th and 26th of July 2015. AND for the fourth consecutive year, the EPR SKP Pacers Team participated. AND the Team hit many milestones along the way (Skip to the bottom paragraph if you are curious about how much was raised).

First of all, the Team actually consists of riders from both EPR Sleegers Kirkwood-Pearce and from EPR Haagsma Devries with financial contributions from other area EPR firms as well, so it is somewhat of a Southwestern Ontario undertaking and we certainly welcome any other firms local or distant to participate as well.

The Team this year DOUBLED in size to 18 riders. There were the usual suspects: Sandy Kirkwood-Pearce Keith Pearce, and Liz Neal from the Sleegers Kirkwood-Pearce Office in London, Joanne and Ken Haagsma, from the Dorchester office, and returning friends, Angela Sleegers and Al Neal. In addition we had two clients join us. The flying Dutch family known as John and Sharon extended its presence from one rider the last two years to four this year. This family includes extremely fast riders Amanda and Laurie who were out for personal bests and in that group we had our youngest rider ever Austin at 14. He was recognized both for his riding skill but also as a young person who was getting involved in giving back to the community. Another client, Lyndsey, joined us and gave the flying Dutch folks a run for their money as she used some of her velodrome form to finish very quickly.

Liz and Al Neal’s daughter, Erin, came from Toronto to ride this year. She is quite an athlete, especially as a swimmer, and although she had biked before, this was her first time riding as far as the 87 kilometers of the first day not to mention the 70 kilometer return trip the next day. Erin was amazing, finishing both days just behind the first riders … on a borrowed bike she had never seen before the previous night … without many of the comfort articles like cycling gloves that we take for granted. She plans to start tri-athlete training soon and she definitely has the swimming and riding down.

Another five riders, friends of Liz and Al, also brought some firsts. Dave was our oldest rider to date at 74 although you would never know it as he was a strong and consistent rider both days. We recognized him both for his commitment to the cause of ending MS but also making it clear that you can participate and contribute at any age. He brought along his brother, Stewart, who is from the Vancouver area and his wife Louise. They are the first members of the team from outside of the province of Ontario. Both were truly delightful people (as are all of the Team members) with humor and spirit throughout as well as very good riders finishing strongly, again on borrowed bikes that they had only seen the night before. And there was Rick, their brother-in-law, who had ridden with us in a previous year but swore never to do it again … well … he’s back and of course riding well and enjoying the company and comradery along the way.

The final rider, Luke (also a friend of Al and Liz), has the closest connection with MS as his sister suffers from the disease. This is Luke’s second ride with the team and he has vowed to return next year and hopes that he can bring his sister along. As Luke says, she has good days and bad days but is a real trooper. She is always an inspiration to us but it would be even more so if she can make the effort to ride the course. I doubt anyone will complain about a sore butt if she can join the team for even part of the trip.

As for the ride, this was probably the hottest weekend of the summer here in Southwestern Ontario, with temperatures well into the 30’s and humidex much, much higher than that, so staying hydrated was a real necessity. But there was no rain on the ride and everything went off without a hitch.

On the final day, everyone who participated as well as other family and friends came together at Sandy and Keith Pearce’s condo in Grand Bend for some food, some beverages, lots of story telling, fellowship, good cheer, (and unwarranted bragging), but most of all to celebrate the Team’s record mashing donation to the fight to end MS at over $10,000; double what we have contributed in any previous year. In the four years SKP Pacers have ridden, we have contributed over $24,000 to the cause and that is what we really celebrate. In addition, we recognized Stewart as being the highest individual fundraiser with almost $1,200 and in the process entwined ourselves into the Rush family conspiracy to sneak an ugly tie back and forth between Dave and Stewart Rush, a tradition that has been going on for over thirty years now. Stewart assures us that he will not have to take this tie back to BC. We will stay tuned for the conclusion to that epic tale.

At the end of the day, although we all start out dreading the ride, we all end up enjoying the experience and for the most part, promise to return for next year’s edition.

Last but definitely not least, the entire SKP Pacers Team needs to extend a huge thank you to Liz Neal, our Team Captain and leader, for her tireless work to get this off the ground, keep all of the stray cats in line, while maintaining throughout the best of good humor and spirit. Liz is an inspiration to us all, as is Al, her husband, who always finishes last but never fails to finish and that is the definition of spirit and “true grit”. | 519-453-1400

EPR Trillium LLP is now...

We have proudly served London, Dorchester, Aylmer and the surrounding area for many years.
Through this time the needs of our client base have continued to grow and change.
In order to meet these needs and provide more value added services going forward, we have joined with another
Baker Tilly Canada member firm to form Baker Tilly Trillium LLP. We will continue to provide
a superior level of service and maintain our individual approach to helping both our personal and business clients.

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