Dancing in the Rayne

Recently EPR Trillium was given the opportunity to support an event that was very close to home. Needham School of Dance in Strathroy, Ontario put on a fundraising show in support of Childcan. The event was titled “Dancing in the Rayne” in honour of one of their young students who is battling a rare form of brain tumour that while noncancerous, requires 70 weeks of chemotherapy treatment. Rayne is niece to EPR Trillium staff member and “dance mom” Valerie Wilson who’s daughter has been dancing with Needham School of Dance for 16 years and plans to attend college for dance in the fall.

It was a great opportunity to enjoy dozens of talented dancers across a variety of styles while also giving back to the community and supporting a great organization. Staff and family members were in attendance both in the audience and backstage helping with the event. The event was extremely successful and raised over $13,000 for Childcan! Thank you to everyone who came out to support Rayne’s family while making an impact in your community.

Event Photos: