EPR Trillium Team Sponsors the BPW London Dinner

EPR Trillium LLP staff in attendance – left to right: Joanne Haagsma (Partner, Dorchester), Dilpreet Singh (London), Tracey Neves (London), Valarie Wilson (Dorchester), Sandy Kirkwood-Pearce (Partner, London), Justine Wright (London), Ingrid McDonald (London), Lisa Mervis (Aylmer) and Kaitlin Lem (London)

EPR Trillium LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants sponsored the BPW London dinner meeting held on Tuesday, March 20th at Windermere Manor.

This evening was part of BPW’s current Speaker Series Dinners that address the overall theme of “Mental Health: Stigma or Real Life?”. The topic for the evening was – “Are You Exercising Both Mentally & Physically as You Age? “. The event was sponsored by EPR Trillium LLP and Sandy Kirkwood-Pearce, Partner out of our London office was given the exciting opportunity to speak at the event, and gave a brief overview of EPR Trillium LLP ahead of the main speaker.

Business and Professional Women London (BPWL) have been making a difference in London’s business community and overall work-life experience since 1945. Women from all walks of life and all ages come together through BPW London for Professional Development, Supportive Networking, Leadership Opportunities and to address Working Women’s Issues.

EPR Trillium LLP and Sandy Kirkwood-Pearce

BPW also stands for Building & Supporting, Promoting & Influencing, Worldwide Networking. BPW International is a global organization founded in 1930 and it serves to advance professional woman in all the areas highlighted above. BPW London is a member of the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women as well as The Business and Professional Women’s Clubs of Ontario.

Sandy Kirkwood-Pearce, Partner with EPR Trillium LLP has been a member since 1995 and fully supports the goals and objectives of BPW London. All three offices of EPR Trillium LLP were represented at the event.

Shown right: Sandy Kirkwood-Pearce, BPW member addressing the audience.

Learn more about BPW Canada’s Coalition to Empower Women at bpwcanada.com

EPR Trillium LLP is now...

We have proudly served London, Dorchester, Aylmer and the surrounding area for many years.
Through this time the needs of our client base have continued to grow and change.
In order to meet these needs and provide more value added services going forward, we have joined with another
Baker Tilly Canada member firm to form Baker Tilly Trillium LLP. We will continue to provide
a superior level of service and maintain our individual approach to helping both our personal and business clients.

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